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Lublin Forum of the Organizations for the Disabled People – Voivodeship Seym is an association of organizations working for the disabled within the territory of Lublin Voivodeship. We have been operating since 1994, and in 2004 we gained the status of a Public Benefit Institution. Currently we gather 45 NGOs.

We are an autonomous and independent association from the state administration bodies, bodies of local self-government and political organizations.

Our mission is to integrate communities and organizations of disabled people and to promote their business. Through various initiatives we support the development of self-help organizations and popularise the idea of cooperation between these organizations home and abroad (France, Great Britain, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine).

 Movie about project - Lublin European Town of Culture 2016 - accessible for everyone

 Reportage about project „Overcoming Barriers Lublin - Zamość - Włodawa - Brześć partnership for the activation of the disabled 2012-2013" Poland / Belarus

We represent the interests of disabled people and organizations on the local and national forum.
During the regularly held meetings LFOON-SW members, we are trying to identify the true needs, environmental problems and expectations of people with disabilities in the Lublin region. We initiate meetings with representatives of local, state the Seym and the Senate authorities, where we present our proposals for concrete actions and solutions to the most serious problems. We cooperate with the most important institutions in the region, including of: the Marshal's Office, City Hall, the Labour Office, Municipal Lublin PFRON branch, as well as with the Municipal Center for Family Support and County Family Assistance Centers.
We continue to run information and advisory and training activities as part of the Information and Advisory Centre for the Disabled.
We run niepelnosprawni.lublin.pl portal – an Online Bulletin of Disabled, of which the editors consists mostly of people with disabilities. Every day we publish articles, reports, news and a wide Knowledgebase on the environment of people with disabilities.

Movie about an unusual editorial board of portal niepelnosprawni.lublin.pl

We also carry out information activities using social networking sites on the Internet like facebook, ammado.

We publish materials containing information about the facilities and institutions providing assistance to the handicapped as well as the availability of cultural venues in the Lublin Voivodeship.
We support initiatives of member organizations in the area of socio-professional rehabilitation.
We run a Career Office and Employment Agency for People with Disabilities; we implement projects aimed at developing entrepreneurial and professional activation of persons with disabilities.
We support the artistic activity of people with disabilities by organizing contests and exhibitions of works of art.
We run a Chess Workshop for people with problems in verbal communication and physical disabilities.
Every year we organize a conference summarizing our activities, and then we also reward statuettes LFOON-SW persons of particular merit for the environment of people with disabilities.

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P. Katarzyna Łukasiewicz ze statuetką Anioła

Joint initiatives, exchange of experiences, meetings with representatives of national and local authorities, environmental conferences integrate the community of disabled people and help in the work of the statutory member organizations. Cooperation within LFOON-SW enables an efficient flow of information, a quick analysis of the legal changes introduced, agreeing positions and rapid response of the environment.
Wide media impact of our initiatives, which allows the community to learn about the real problems and needs of people with disabilities in the region, and thus contributes to the integration and the elimination of social barriers.
We promote the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We took part in the ceremony of signing the ratification documents by the President of the Republic of Poland on the 6th September 2012 and the footage of this event is contained at niepelnosprawni.lublin.pl.

Prezydent Bronisław Komorowski składa podpis pod ratyfikacją Konwencji ONZ o prawach osób niepełnosprawnych



1. Lublin Forum of the Organizations for the Disabled People – Voivodeship Seym hereinafter  referred to as the Forum is an association of organizations, registered, and acting on the basis of the “Law on Associations”  and due to this fact has a legal personality.

2. Organisations which statutorily deal with issues of the disabled people can be members of the Forum.

3. The territory of Forum’s activity is Lublin Voivodeship and its premises is the city of Lublin.

4. The Forum is an organization autonomous and independent from the public administration, self-government bodies and political organisations.

5. The Forum is an apolitical and worldview neutral organisation.

6. The Forum is voluntary and open to all organisation meeting p-tu 2 requirements acting within the territory of Lublin Voivodeship.

7. Being member to the Forum leaves full autonomy of action and gathering with other national, foreign and international organisations.

8. The fundamental rule of the Forum is equal treatment of all the members in accordance to the provisions of the statute.

9. The Forum uses appropriate seals and a logo agreed on by its authorities.

10. The Basic aim of the Forum is:

  1. integration of organizations of the disabled people In the Lublin Voivodeship,
  2. promotion of organizations dealing with matters concerning disabled people,
  3. support of self-help movement,
  4. popularisation of cooperation among national and international organisations, 
  5. representation of interests of the organizations of the disabled people with national and self-government authorities,
  6. taking up actions supporting non-governmental organizations.

11. The Forum reaches its goals by:

  1. providing opinions on operating of national and self-government administration bodies and within the scope of performing and respecting law concerning disabled people,
  2. cooperation, especially with those bodies of national administration, which were directly established to finding solutions to problems of the disabled people,
  3. gathering and popularizing information about existing non-governmental organizations,
  4. help in the realization of self-help purposes of Forum members, inter alia  by facilitating contacts with other social organizations and institutions and individual people,
  5. organizing seminars, trainings and courses for the members of organizations and institutions,
  6. carrying out and supporting of publishing activities and other forms of promoting and media actions serving purposes of non-governmental organizations,
  7. working out methods and exchange of experience among organizations,
  8. giving opinions and preparing studies on the documents issued by the national and self-government administration,
  9. initiating and implementation of projects within the scope of informational, advisory and training activities aiming at promotion and complete education, rehabilitation, employment sports, tourism, social economy, integration and local and regional development for the environment of the disabled people,
  10. supporting member organizations o the Forum in negotiations with the national administration, self-governments and other national and social organizations and institutions,
  11. taking up other actions supporting realization of statutory aims of separate organizations being members to the Forum,
  12. within the scope of effective provisions of law the Forum may carry out economic activities aiming at the realizations of statutory purposes.

12. Membership in the Seym is ordinary, honorary or a supportive.

13. An ordinary member may Organizations statutorily dealing with the matters of disabled people, running their business within the territory of Lublin Voivodeship. Ordinary Members are represented in the Forum by their authorised representative.

14. A honorary member may be a natural or legal person especially honoured for the community of the disabled people. the title of a honorary member is vested upon by the General Assembly.

15. A supporting member may be organizations and informal groups carrying out social activities, economic entities, natural persons, who express their will to participate in works of the Forum or the will of material support to the Forum.

16. Ordinary members are accepted by means of a resolution on the basis of a written declaration expressing the willingness of joining the Forum and having paid joining fees the Board of Lublin Forum of the Organizations for the Disabled People – the Forum.

17. There is a possibility to appeal form the declining decision of acceptance to the General Meeting, which should be submitted within 30 days from the date of receiving of  declining decision.

18. An Ordinary Member:

  1. has the right to elect and to be elected to the Forum’s authorities,
  2. has the right to participate in any forms of Forum’s activities,
  3. is obliged to pay fees,
  4. must obey the Statute and the resolutions of the General Meeting.

19. A Honorary and a Supporting Member:

  1. have the right to participate in any forms of Forum’s activities,
  2. have the right to participate in the Forum’s authorities works with an advisory opinion,
  3. must obey the Statute.

20. The membership ceases by means of:

  1. voluntary resignation submitted to the Board in writing,
  2. being expelled from the membership by the Board due to not paying membership fees in a period of time longer than a year,
  3. exclusion by resolution of the Board for a gross breach  of statutory provisions or resolutions of the General Meeting,
  4. dissolution of liquidation of the organization being its member.

21. In case of exclusion or being expelled by the resolution of the Board a member has the right to appeal to the General Meeting within 30 days from the date of receiving the notification in this matter.

22. Exclusion by resolution of the Board results in being suspended in the rights of a member until the issue of the final decision of the General Meeting.


23. The Authorities of the Forum are as follows:

  1. General Meeting,
  2. Board,
  3. Audit Committee.

General Meeting

24. The General Meeting is the highest authority in the Forum.

25. General Meeting of members is called upon  a standard procedure by a resolution of the Board at least once a year until the 30th day of June in a given year.

26. General Meeting of members may be called upon in an extraordinary procedure based on:

  1. resolutions of the Board and Audit Committee,
  2. motions of at least 1/3 of all ordinary members expressed in writing. Such meeting should be called within 30 days since the date of the motion.

27. The Board notifies the members of the Forum about the date and the agenda of the General Meeting by: placing the information on the Forum’s webpage and sending a regular registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or sending a notice via email with acknowledgement of receipt at least 14 days before the General Meeting’s date informing about the place, date and the agenda of the meeting.

28. The participants of the General Meeting are the following:

  1. representatives of ordinary members with deciding vote – they have the right of only one vote,
  2. representatives of honorary and supportive members with advisory vote.

29. A general Meeting is valid no matter the members participating in it – if all the members were properly informed.

30. The resolutions of General Meeting is passed by majority of votes given in an open voting, unless the General Meeting decides otherwise.

31. General Meeting convened in extraordinary procedure examines only cases for which it has been called upon. The manner of passing a resolution is identical to this in point 30 of the Statute.

32. The course of a meeting and resolution are minuted and the minutes are signed by the Chairperson of the Board and the Secretary of the Board.

33. The responsibilities of the General Meeting are especially:

  1. deciding on the general programme of Forum’s activity,
  2. examining and approving reports on the Board and Auditing Committee’s actions,
  3. passing financial plans for the given year and approving the balance,
  4. granting acknowledgement of the fulfilment of duties to the Board on the motion of Auditing Committee,
  5. passing Statute’s amendments,
  6. examining members’ appeals form the Board’s decisions,
  7. passing resolutions in matters given under General Meeting’s consideration,
  8. passing resolutions on the dissolution of the Forum and deciding on its possessions,
  9. electing the Board and Auditing Committee and supplementing their makeup,
  10. passing resolutions in matters not being in other authorities responsibilities.


34.  Board:

  1. consists of  5-11 members elected by the General Meeting in a vote, including the President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary and the Treasurer,
  2. it is elected for three years,
  3. cmembers f the board work  pro bono.

35.  Members of the  board are elected in a secret voting where:

  1. the number of candidates should exceed the number of posts to be filled,
  2. the election is a result of a majority of votes,
  3. the members of the board cannot be convicted with a lawful decision of the court for a deliberate crime prosecuted by the public prosecution or a tax offence,
  4. the board designates the President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasury out of its members.

36. The board carries out its meetings accordingly to the needs, however not  less than once in three months

  1. the resolutions of the board and passed by the common majority of votes in the presence of the President and in case of his/hers absence in the presence of the Vice President,
  2. in case  of an even number of votes the President’s vote is the deciding one and in case of his/hers absence in the vote of the Vice President.

37. Board’s duties are as follows:

  1. executing General Meetings resolutions,
  2. representing the Forum and acting in its best interest,
  3. managing the current activities in line with the Statute,
  4. managing the assets and funds,
  5. granting and excluding from membership,
  6. deciding upon the level of entrance fee and member subscriptions,
  7. calling and preparing General Meetings,
  8. preparing and submitting annual report on the general activity and the budget implementation,
  9. imaking representations and signing on behalf of the Forum solely.

38.  The board may establish consulting teams in order to:

  1. apronounce judgements on projects of action programme,
  2. design special projects,
  3. cconsult and design other issues connected to Forum’s activity.

39.  The board may employ workers or other people based on the civil law contract when such need emerges.

Audit Committee.

40. Audit Committee is a body of control and supervision of the Forum not being under internal control or supervision by the Board and consists of 3-5 members chosen by the General Meeting in a secret voting for 3 years.

41. Out of its members the Audit Committee chooses a President and a Secretary.

42. Audit Committee at least once a year carries out a control of the general activity of the Forum and with a special focus on the finances.

43. The Committee submits a report on its work during a General Meeting and applies for the acknowledgement of the fulfilment of duties for the Board and also it submits post control conclusions and recommendations concerning statutory activities and finances.

44. Members of the Audit Committee:

  1. cannot be members of managing body or be in a state of matrimony with them, be in cohabitation with them, be related to them, be in kinship with them or be reporting to them at work,
  2. cannot be convicted with a lawful decision of the court for a deliberate crime prosecuted by the public prosecution or a tax offence,
  3. based on the function in this body may receive justified reimbursement of expenses or a salary  in the amount of not higher than average salary in the sector of enterprises published by the President of GUS for the previous year.

45. The property of the Forum may be constituted by real estates, chattel and funds.

46. The funds are among others from:

  1. entry fees and member subscriptions, fundraisers, auctions and public events,
  2. bequests, sponsoring, grants, donations, subsidies,
  3. incomes form own properties,

47. The board in responsible for the Forum’s finances by submitting a rational rules for managing them.

48. The documents in financial cases must be signed by two members of the board including the President or an authorised by the President member of the board. The same people incur a liability.

49. It is forbidden to:

  1. grant loans give guaranties with the Forum’s properties in relation to its members, members of the bodies or people with whom the workers are in a state of matrimony or are related to or in direct kinship, are related to or in secondary kinship or are related to them based on the adoption, caretaking or  guardianship hereinafter referred to as “close friends and relatives”,
  2. transfer of the Forum’s assets for the benefit of  its members, its body members and their relatives on terms other than those applying to third persons especially if this transfer is free of any charges or on preferential conditions,
  3. use the Forum’s assets for the benefit of  its members, its body members and their relatives on terms other than those applying to third persons unless this use results directly from the statutory purpose of the Forum,
  4. buy goods or services from entities in which its members, its body members and their relatives participate on terms other than those applying to third persons or at rates higher than market prices.

50. Amendments to the Statute and the Dissolution of the Forum require a resolution by the General Meeting passed by 2/3 of votes of the present ordinary members.

51. In case of passing a resolution on the dissolution of the Forum the General Meeting will determine the future use of its assets and establish a Liquidation Committee and decide upon the social purpose as well as for which organisations with similar statutory purposes to those of the Forum will the Forum’s assets will be transferred..